How to refer leads to your referral partners ensuring that they are recognised

Important: To ensure your referrals are counted correctly, referrals must be submitted using the method outlined below.

For Loan Market brokers sending appraisals

Connect Leads Manager (formerly eBroker) Click here for more info on Connect Leads Manager

  1. Login to Connect leads manager using your Loan Market Google login details
  2. Go to the Referrals tab and click New referral
  3. Click the search icon to find an existing client or click the plus icon to add a new one
  4. The system will default to you, the broker as the referrer
  5. Select the agent you are referring to under the Owner input box.
    1. Click the search icon and type their name
    2. If they are an agent you in an office with which you have a referral agreement, they will appear on the Affiliated members tab. If they are from another office, click the All members tab
    3. Double click on the name of the agent or click OK
  6. Enter all the details about the referral and click Save and Close
  7. Your agent will receive an email notification and the referral will appear in their MyDesktop for them to 'Accept' or 'Reject'. Once accepted, the referral will automatically be added as a contact with a task in MyDesktop.

For Loan Market advisers sending appraisals to Ray White agents and property managers


  1. Login to MyCRM
  2. Open the contact and click on the Referrals tab
  3. Select the Ray White office you are referring to
  4. Enter the details of the referral, including the name and email address of the agent
  5. Referral will be delivered to them via email

Database swapping

Database swapping will not count as referrals as it is not in the spirit of the competition. Audits of leads are conducted and will take place in the event that multiple/bulk referrals are sent through.

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