Identifying opportunities with referral partners

Referral Partners Overview

A referral partner is a prerequisite of the competition. Whether new or existing, the following referral partner relationships are recognised as part of the competition and eligible for prizes. Referrals outside of these relationships will not be recognised or eligible for prizes.

  • Ray White agent → Wealth Market financial adviser
  • Ray White agent → Loan Market broker
  • Living Here property manager → Wealth Market financial adviser
  • Living Here property manager → Loan Market broker

Opportunities working with Loan Market

Any number of brokers can work with Ray White offices subject to the approval of the principal.

The value a Loan Market broker provides to a Ray White Office

The ultimate listing presentation advantage

Growing Your Database Opportunities

The role a broker plays throughout a campaign

The role a broker plays on Auction Day

Opportunities working with Wealth Market

How can Wealth Market help your clients?

We provide personal, tailored financial advice that aims to make a real difference to people’s lives and help them meet their goals.

  • We help clients manage the everyday - whether that be savings, cashflow and budget management.
  • We help them protect themselves, their loved ones, their business, their assets and their income in the event of hardship.
  • And we help them grow their wealth and plan for the future - whether that be via investing, retirement or estate planning.

Hear from Wealth Market clients

Wealth Market - Personal Protection review for property buyers

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