For agents: Scripts for selling broker services

One of the key differences I bring as your agent is that I work with a leading broker. This ensures that any buyer who wishes to make an offer on your property will meet with our mortgage advisor to ascertain their real borrowing capacity. This means we will get the best price for your property and get it sold in the shortest possible time.

If you’re shopping around for a home, why wouldn’t you shop around for your finance?

Would you like to see if we can save you money? What I’d like to do is have [broker's name] give you a call to see if we can help you own your own home earlier. Is that something you would like to do?

In an active market you need to be in the best position to buy, that’s why you need to be pre approved.

Before we submit your offer, can you please provide me or the seller with a copy of your bank pre approval?

May I ask where you are up to with your finance?


I’d like to introduce our mortgage broker [broker's name] who works with our buyers to maximise their borrowing capacity

Tara Kerr

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